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Sar la Rouge

Encore des humains

Encore des humains

Artificial intelligence is criticised but it’s still humans behind it…for now. We can think of Matrix. Or even the cartoon Wall E. 

«  The original plan was for humans to live in outer space for 5 years while cleaning robots ("WALL-Es" invented by Professor Simon) prepared Earth for recolonization. However, after seven hundred years, only one WALL-E (voice: Ben Burtt) remains. » 

« The movie's protagonists, Wall-E and EVE, are clearly of biblical reference: Adam and Eva. In the beginning, Wall-E, the robot created to clean up the mess of Earth, is alone after all other Wall-E compactors cease to operate. Wall-E's loneliness is a reference to Adam's before God created his wife. »

« Environmentalism. WALL-E depicts an Earth in squalor, completely covered in trash left behind by its former human inhabitants. Director Andrew Stanton may have denied the movie's environmentalist message at the time, but the film on its own arguably showcased our planet's growing problems with pollution and waste. »


Humans can discuss about everything 🫣🫠🫠🫠

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