left large diamond shape;
left large diamond shape;

"It was by starting a project around NFTs that I discovered myself as an artist.  So I'm a budding artist, thank you my BF!  I add "watermark" on my works and presto!  Anything can be stolen anyway, so I prefer to keep it simple without going through NFT selling platforms and cryptocurrencies :(

I make digital art from my personal photos and many applications: Picsart which is my favorite, Background Eraser, Photo Lab, filters and stickers that I looove!  I also enjoy to start from scratch!  My favorite style remains Street Art, surely thanks to Banksy and my sister who spends her time photographing street art during our trips!"

Have fun

when going through my art,
and try to find my signature:)

Bisous 😚

Sar la Rouge,

A Budding artist

A first glimpse of my work...

Who's that guy?!

Coluche is from far away the best French humorist of all times!! he used to wear a stripped dungaree with a yellow shirt, and be known as the clown who wanted to run for the presidential!

A little tribute to that sacred monster, who said " I am not a new rich, I am a former poor..."

A teenager 👾 told me : "I don't understand Coluche...Vintage humor!!"

About it :

Clownuche, it is the story of a guyyyyyy,


Created in 2022,

Using Picsart, a background eraser, different fonts, and some stickers.


Printable on different support...



Crazy brain

An idea 💡

pops in and leads to anything, from a simple girly line, to a curious face or a graffiti:)

Chill and smile,

Art is life!

I like not to stick to just a style of art, and try new things.

My work has meanings and sometimes it does not! We say that artists are crazy and it is true : it’s what feeds us and our art⛽️!! You can love it, do not like it or even hate it. And some people don’t feel anything and that is fine! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Said since the 3rd century, it must be true! 

No limits!

I am also trying music 🎼 through apps, little art styled movies or moving images. It can be nice for your screens at home as your slideshows 🖥